Private Show opportunity

Hey guys! I’m doing something crazy; since people have been asking me if I’d still do private shows, I’ll be at Hot Girls Helsinki (Kustaankatu 6, Helsinki) on Saturday Oct 29th 15:00-16:00 Note! Only for ONE HOUR! Prices start at 20€ 10 minutes. Come and see me! More info: irinatundra(a)
Price is for a topless dance, no touching! Tip me for a full nude dance! Absolutely no sex services, don’t even bother asking, thanks!

Hei ihmiset! Teen jotain hullua; koska minulta on kysytty, että tekisinkö enää privaatteja, tulen olemaan Helsingin Hot Girlsissa (Kustaankatu 6, Helsinki) lauantaina 29.lokakuuta klo 15:00-16:00 Huom! Vain YHDEN TUNNIN ajan! Hinnat alk. 20€ 10min. Tule moikkaamaan! Lisätiedot: irinatundra(a)
Hintaan kuuluu topless (yläosaton) striptease show, ei koskemista! Tippaa minua nähdäksesi full nude (täysin alasti) show! Ei mitään seksipalveluja, älä vaivaudu kysymään, kiitos!

Hotels, Strip Clubs and Titty calendars

Hotels, strip clubs and titty calendars. That’s what my weekend was made of.
My favorite hotel chain, GLO Hotels, had an offer of two nights for the price of one, so why not treat myself to some luxury in the heart of Helsinki!


Some quality me-time at the tanning salon.


Photoshoot at Gentelman’s Club with the amazing


On Saturday I modelled for the oh-so-controversial titty calendar! This shoot was organized by an awesome woman and all models had a great time and got free pizza! I love it when men look at my body, that I spend time and money on keeping in shape. Call it objectifying, I call it admiration. There’s scientific proof that looking at boobs relieves stress. It feels amazing to give so much positive to people with just my presence and photos. Since the dawn of humanity, there has been artists and art, and without sex we wouldn’t exist today. I don’t see why we need to hide our bodies and only to hate our body is socially accepted.
Thank you Kirsi, and the wonderful photographers, Mikael Häggblom and Pentti Manninen.


All in all, an incredible weekend! Wish I had more time and didn’t have to sleep, so I could have worked more and enjoyed the company of all the amazing people, that I met, for a bit longer!