Coming home


Because I need a vacation after my vacation, I booked a room at the GLO Airport Hotel and was able to shower and go to bed as soon as I got my luggage. I love these soft landings of mine.
In the morning a decent breakfast, before heading home. Really missed this; the hotel, I stayed in, in Bulgaria didn’t have very good breakfast. Don’t know though, maybe just because I always came so late that all the good stuff was already gone…20160828_091314

But first, some fooling around with my new selfie stick.


Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


Took a last minute travel deal and flew to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, to see my long-time-idol, folk-pop singer Andrea “Sahara”. Ended up being a four-day-long party during which I also saw Galena and Alisia and paid a mandatory visit to a local strip club. But there’s really nothing else to do in Sunny Beach, but party and beach XD
I was lucky with my hotel choice; there are no street names in Sunny Beach, only area codes. So I had no idea where the club, where Andrea was going to perform, or any of the hotels were. I just booked a room from the first hotel I saw had single rooms, and turns out Folk Club Vision was just across the street from that hotel!
Changed my money in a bank, because I suck at this. For 200€ I got 390 leva. Does anyone know, what if you just withdraw money using an ATM?


Grabbed a cuppa in the restaurant downstairs, before heading upstairs to the club. Bumped into the queen herself *_*
Clubs open at 11pm, and stay open until 5am or later, artists usually perform 1am or later. Not like in Finland: open 8pm, artist at 11pm or midnight, 3:30am everyone has to go to sleep.
It’s allowed to smoke inside clubs, which was really weird for me, because I came of age just when they passed the law of no smoking in the EU. And there’s no age-limit to the discos, I guess as long as you don’t drink alcohol XD But it’s one of the things I like about Bulgaria; it’s not so precise and it’s very honest. Life is life. Nobody gets a medal at their death for following rules.

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Arriving in style.
We only visited a strip club just as they opened (I had a local guide XD ), so I don’t have much to tell. Free entry, lap dance 20 lv, reasonable prices for drinks, stunning girls, most of them local, didn’t see any impressive pole work though.

Galena <3 <3 <3

20160826_031345 AirBrush_20160825211752

The beach I visited was free, as long as you bought a drink and they had password protected wi-fi 😀

Below: The mandatory traveller-selfie. Visited the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nessebar. This is my kind of place – beautiful, calm, historic. Everything is crazy expensive because of tourism. Eg. in Varna, north Bulgaria, I could buy the same things for half the prices they have in Sunny Beach and Nessebar! I adore all the rose products; they make great souvenirs and the edibles are my favorite! Even though the prices seem cheap, you can still get the exact same products from supermarkets for a lot cheaper than the souvenir stalls sell. I advise to stray from the main streets and tourist attractions in Nessebar and find a supermarket for your souvenir shopping, if you want to save. In Sunny Beach I had no luck; the whole city is one big entertainment center.

There were a ton of leather and fur shops in Nessebar. I wondered why, is there fur industry in Bulgaria? But no, it’s just because Bulgarians like fur coats and a lot of Russians spend their holidays there, and everyone knows Russians love furs. Most products are made in Turkey and only some in Bulgaria. The quality and craftsmanship, though, ranges from shite to top quality, so if you’re looking for something, never settle for the first place you find it in, look around! And bargain!
I negotiated with the store GESSI, they can make anything – leather, fur, coats – to order, and the quality is top notch – I inspected it myself! And the shop keepers are such nice folks too. So contact me if you want something specific! I know I’m ordering!

Night 3, and my feet loved me to death.IMG_20160827_213948 20160827_023359

A compliment a day keeps the doctor away?


I danced in Crystal Show Club last night. After we do a stage show, we go around the club and collect tips. Some spectators tipped with money, some with high-fives and compliments. Made me think about the meaning of compliments.
Even though I can’t pay my bills with compliments, they are always nice to hear. Nice to know that people like what they see, to know that there is still a demand, so to speak, and amazing that people take the time and make the effort to let you know that. It’s encouraging and makes you want to continue, and do better every time, not to disappoint. And I’m sure it pays off later.
I’m in a Facebook group, where people from around the world with the same passion, share their photos and thoughts on the subject. I like following this group. It gives me so much happiness, especially to see the photos, because people are always happy in them; getting their dreams fulfilled or simply just having fun. And most amazing is to read the comments from other members of the group, they are always positive; flattering, understanding, being happy for the person who posted the picture. If I think somebody is really beautiful/handsome or the photo is just exceptionally good, I usually comment that on the photo. They are the reason I feel good at the moment, seeing their pictures, why not let them know? It costs you absolutely nothing to compliment somebody, it doesn’t diminish your happiness one bit when somebody else is happy.