Hey you panty lovers!

Yes, you! Because my stock of panties and socks is running low I’m raising the prices in the near future. Just thought I’d be fair and let you know in advance, so you can still buy a pair of panties or socks for the price of 20€ incl. a photo and shipping in Finland. Just send me an e-mail: irinatundra(a)gmail.com

Happy sniffing! Much Love!

When work gets cancelled

Went a bit crazy with the whipped cream once again the other night. Next time Saturday Jan 14th in Bar Soolo, Kotka!
I was supposed to have a photoshoot on Thursday, but it got cancelled at the very last minute; I was already with make-up and hair, starting to make my way to the studio when I got a message from the photographer telling that the studio had been re-booked to somebody else. Well, that’s just nice. So I ended up home early, having fun on my own (picture).
Speaking of Star Wars, really liked the new movie. I have to admit, it took a while for me to understand what “time” it was, though, but I hadn’t read anything about it before I saw it. But really enjoyed it. It also didn’t have so much Disney influence as the previous one, in my opinion.